Who makes best leather straps under $100

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Who makes best leather straps under $100

Post by tiktok » June 11th 2019, 2:45pm

I am breaking the habit of purchasing straps from the a-tel-ier as I focus on a new and final project of my working career. Ergo, i am trying to right size my strap addiction. I prefer strap makers to big companies. Who makes a nice array of straps under $100? I know to some even that seems high but it's where I'm at.
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Re: Who makes best leather straps under $100

Post by MKTheVintageBloke » June 11th 2019, 3:10pm

Personally, I'd recommend Graf. They cost circa 20 euro (though the models similar to what ColaReb makes are priced at something like 40-50€). While people seem to almost spunk their undies upon hearing of stuff like "shell cordovan" or "Italian leather," it's a German company, and does a great job. I have three watches on straps from them - a pigskin on the DuBois, and ox leather on the Eterna and the 1946 Omega. I'll soon be changing the one on the Eterna after three years of wearing it - it's got an awful lot of dirt in the texture, the colour has worn off in places, but that's because I've been wearing it an awful lot. It has been sweated through and through, all year round, for three years. And it never even started to reek. I had straps give up (and start reeking) after far less wear than that.
This particular ox leather band, the "Derby", as Graf calls it, has also another merit - it doesn't need to break in. It's just unbelievably supple. For comparison, I also have one strap from another German manufacturer, Di-Modell...and it's also called the Derby. It happens to be stiffer than Conj upon seeing Susan Boyle in concert.
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