Some Straps I Like

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Some Straps I Like

Post by tiktok » January 24th 2019, 8:17pm

Okay, I'm almost more into straps than those circles they hold in place. I often work two blocks from Jean Rousseau, a strap making Disneyland of exotic skins, leathers of many sorts and threads that match the skins or thread colors that match the red triangle in a GMT hand. Hand stitched by artisans.

So here's some of my faves, mostly Jean Rousseau.

L-R: brown ostrich, OEM B&R golden gator, green shark.

L-R: Gator, ostrich, gator

For my JLC buzzer beater, brown ostrich with stitching matching the hands color and red shark lining.
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Re: Some Straps I Like

Post by TemerityB » January 25th 2019, 9:25am

Saw those at a watch fair a few years ago. Can't do a whole lot better at any price point. Not inexpensive, but more than fairly priced given the outrageous quality. Tok is a man of taste.
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