Watchmaking And Leather, A Love Story

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Watchmaking And Leather, A Love Story

Post by Racer-X » February 24th 2018, 10:35am

by Jan Lidmaňský "Today, many premium watch brands look for that certain “extra element” to get ahead of the competition. In addition to precision mechanical movements with high-end finishing, beautiful decoration and quality dials, manufacturers now also look at what they can do with straps.

If it is true that shoes make the man, then the strap must make the watch.

Not surprisingly, some brands have risen to the fore in their journeys toward originality thanks to collaborations with fashion world icons. What is their ultimate goal: to be different in any way possible? To offer the highest possible quality? Or to use the partner brand’s name to expand its range of potential clients?

Every brand has its own reasons, but ultimately, we as consumers are most interested in how the decorative part of the timekeeper matches our suits, shoes, and belts."

Article at Quill & Pad
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