Comprehensive Guide To The Best Watch Straps

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Comprehensive Guide To The Best Watch Straps

Post by koimaster » October 10th 2017, 4:00pm

A visual glossary to the other half of a watch's appearance.

By Brad MacDonald

Guide to watch straps

A proper strap is an essential companion to any watch, and switching it out is an easy way to experiment with a whole new style. A broad and diverse strap collection can greatly extend the number of combinations available to you; to an observer, the band is often more visible than the face of the watch, so a large assortment of straps will make a small collection of watches appear truly enormous. By their very nature, watch straps are often considerably cheaper than an entirely new watch, so it is often more cost-effective to expand one’s collection of straps over splurging on another watch. That’s not to say one shouldn’t own an assortment of watches – just make sure you don’t neglect that which connects them to your wrist.

There is an absolutely humungous amount of watch straps available to you, and I will do my best to document the best watch straps here. Each strap has a fascinating history, so if one of them jumps out at you, the accompanying text will surely be an interesting read. Finally, be sure to check out the lists of available retailers; they should help you find exactly what you’re looking for, regardless of your price range. Don’t be afraid to spend a bit extra to get exactly what you want! ... tch-straps


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Re: Comprehensive Guide To The Best Watch Straps

Post by Pubbie » October 12th 2017, 8:08am

foghorn wrote:Damnit!
Here I was ready to dump all over this guide but , like a damned old fool , I read it and found it quite informative.

I was also a-fixin' to open my literary bowels and let the invective flow forth. I thought it would be about ABP, JLC and a whole bunch oh other acronyms. But it's refreshingly informative and un-socialmedia!
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