Invicta Lies Even When Caught

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Invicta Lies Even When Caught

Post by boscoe » October 6th 2010, 3:23pm

As noted, ShopNBC is offering a top value Invicta Russian diver with a "sandstone" dial. Even die-hard geeks know the dial is something other than sandstone. But Lalo has balls of brass and is sticking to his slight of hand. Here's what the SNBC website says about sandstone under the description of the POS:

About Sandstone
Precisely as the name implies, sandstone is created from sand. Sandstone rock is forged from little grains derived from feldspar and quartz. It sets in many places as it really just needs water to form. Varying in color from one area to another, it is an easy rock to split and carve. This quality makes it popular in the construction of pillars, fountains, fireplaces and as shown here, even timepieces.
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