Invicta Issues at a Glance by Lies All Lies

All things related to "SWISS" Invicta watches and Chinese movements
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Invicta Issues at a Glance by Lies All Lies

Post by Watch Noob » July 6th 2010, 6:17am

LIES ALL LIES!!! wrote:

Let me see if I can recall all the fuck up's off the top of my head just recently (last year and half). Please forgive if I cover any of the ones you already posted.

Lupah Reserve - POS, plus billed as Invicta worked with Seiko to design new movement

Russian Diver 50 year - Marked 60 years on caseback

Sea Spider Sport - Marked Swiss on the dial, and Swiss Parts on the caseback, Eyal and Jim never touched on the discrepancy on air

OTV Excursion with ISA movement – Crown sat low from the case and had sharp ridges. Many reported it was very uncomfortable and Invicta did nothing.

Interchangeable strap Venom and SAIII – Screws to fine of thread, tons of people cross threading, screws breaking, etc… etc…

Lupah Grand OTV with MOP dial – Dirt cheap set, MOP dial possible sticker as un-natural looking wrinkles were reported in many of the dials.

Scuba TTV – Lots of reports of crowns and stems coming loose.

Colored ceramic watches – Invicta reps claim it is solid color all the way through. Turns out they were glazes on top of dull grey ceramic.

Original S1 Racers – ETA retrograde movements would jump from their settings at rest @ 9 and move to 9:15 setting for no reason.

SAIV – Lots of problems with missing “S” in Subaqua on the dial. Even SNBC model pictures have this missing as well.

SAS - Invicta reps claimed lug screws were true screws, turns out they were pressure pins with the illusion of screws.

Plasticase – Suing Invicta for taking their samples and having them sourced to be made cheaper in China. Invicta, specifically Eyal said many times on air that the case was a name brand, costing hundreds of dollars, very expensive case but could not say the name on air.

Flame Fusion – Tons of reports of the uber crystal that is better than sapphire or mineral scratching, chipping, cracking, etc….

Mold - SAIII Kit pulled as mold was growing in the awesome Chinese knock-off diver's cases.

Bezels - Lots of reports of loose bezels, rattling bezels, or just popping off altogether.

Swiss Gold Layering - Bonded at the molecular level, Invicta's attempt at splitting the atom has resulted in a shoddy finish that if worn on any regular basis results in finish rubbing off easily.

316L? - Invicta states they only use 316L stainless steel, but on several models claps are nothing more than cheap tin and have showed signs of corrosion quickly. This includes some "divers" watches. Most noticeably on the Sea Spider Sport.

Gray Market Support - Invicta directly supporting the gray market by pumping stock into outlet sites and distributors, as well as their own Sunday Run. This in turn has lowered the floor on their entire line and purchasing from any legit storefront or online dealer is now over-paying by minimum 30%.

Customer Service disaster - Countless reports of customer service not responding to emails or voicemails. Usually unhelpful if reached. Warranty service with increased cost of $28 dollars to use, wait times for service of 3 months is average, and tons of reports of watches coming back unfixed or worse with new damage.

Swiss-Gate - Watches billed as, sold as, and priced as "Swiss Made" watches with Asian movements

DD Speedway – Total turd, exposed lies about Invicta's non-existent relationship with D/D regardless of Eyal's claims. Eyal threw Jim under the bus after the lies were exposed.

TTV Bolt - Limited Edition with $300 dollar TTV price. A week later already being sold at Sam's Club for under $200.

TTV I-Force - New mysterious bead blasted finish that gives the illusion of titanium. Just from airing it was apparent it scratches easily, bead blasting was half-assed at best and in the white shiny stainless was still visible around lugs and between links. Scratches also shows in the white stainless visible on aired samples even when hosts (*cough* Jim was stating otherwise).

Invicta II Classique Boutique Diamonds - Diamonds were found to be Crystals and verified by many Geeks from their local Jewelers. Immediately ShopNBC removed all video footage of previous airings stating the watch had a diamond bezel. I would be amazed if fraud lawsuites were not filed on this one.
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Re: Invicta Issues at a Glance by Lies All Lies

Post by Watch Noob » July 6th 2010, 7:12am

betterskills wrote:If release / air dates and dates of when complaints surfaced could be added, you'd have a great timeline that would really say a lot about Invicta products.

I see someone is angling for a new Blog Release Image
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Re: Invicta Issues at a Glance by Lies All Lies

Post by Guest » July 6th 2010, 11:30am

Dont forget the SanIV crown guard Issues. There are many reviews at slop of people having a very difficult time not only opening the cg lever but also pulling out the crown to set the time. Eyal was presenting the quartz version a few weeks back and could not open the CG, I had tears In my eyes. I think he broke a finger nail while trying to open this fuckin thing. Shawn W also could not open the CG, had to look for another off camera, I could not make this shit up If I wanted to, and the beat go's on Image
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Re: Invicta Issues at a Glance by Lies All Lies

Post by Guest » July 7th 2010, 2:59am

45wheelgun wrote:How about "glued on engraving"? Remember this:


Now thats what I call a fine swiss made timepiece, and the beat go's on Image
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Post by anonymous-10 » July 7th 2010, 3:32am

Not Invictas fault. The molecules used to bond were defective.
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I wasted about $400 on these Invicta watches

Post by Guest » October 27th 2010, 1:18pm

I jumped into Invicta to fast. Bought 2 and then 2 weeks later purchased 2 more. One was looseing time. I sent it back to Invicta for repairand they wanted $28 to ship it back to me. While it was in repair the one I was wearing got mostiure in it. They wanted and got $25 for shipping on this one. When they got it, they email me and told me it was going to cost $18 more. Hmmmmmm. I refused to pay anymore and they sent my broken watch back and kept my $25. It took them 8 weeks to ship the other one back and it still looses time. I sold my 3rd Invicta on ebay for 50 bucks that I give $125 for. The 4th one Im giving as a Christmas gift to someone I dont like. As for as the 2 that was not repaired? Im going to make a video of them being smashed with my hammer beside their warrenty. These watches is very pretty but the company is bad. The watches is junk. I wasted about $400 on these Invicta watches and advise anyone againest buying one.
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Re: Invicta Issues at a Glance by Lies All Lies

Post by Guest » October 27th 2010, 1:44pm

Need to add to list
-Sandstone Material debacle
-Russian Diver created by Grandmama Lalo
-Technica Swiss Ebauch - is really a Chinese copy of Sea Gull movements
-Imperious is not part of Invicta
-Dubois Dépraz movements on Grey Market
-Coalition Force "Field Tested", is just marketing hype
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