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Re: Valjoux 7750 v Sellita SW500 & Invicta

Post by Tzimisces » December 13th 2015, 5:33am

TemerityB wrote:Tonight, as I write this, IWG is on Bovine at one of their Florida-based dog and pony shows hawking a "Reserve Pro Diver" with a "Swiss Valjoux 7750" movement. I find it interesting that's how they are terming it, among the other usual BS claims ("One of the most expensive clasp configurations," "They'll never believe you paid under $700" states Invicta Lyin').

I hope any sucker dumb enough to order their "coveted" "top" movement for 700 smackers has the good sense to bring it to a jeweler and have him crack it open to look inside. Anywho who takes any sales claim made by these loathsome TV talking heads at face value is playing a fool's game.

The Bovne website lists it as a "Swiss Made ETA 7750 Automatic." In the words of Jack Webb, dum-de-dum-dum.

Oh, and Kendall Kaddidlephopper is a kunt. ("This is an item you will feel the integrity all the time," whatever that means.)

I should think the wartches will indeed contain the Very Rare, Highly Coveted, Valjoux 7750.
I believe it shows that Lalo knows his customers. The previous fiasco, in the minds of the fanbois, served to highlight how wonderful and special and amazing the 7750 is. There is no thought of "standard" grade, grey market, casing up with indifferent QC...nosiree...just "I must have a 7750...why it's a triple grail!!!! Much better than that crappy SW500 I got last time. LOLOLOL. Only $700? For a rare Valjoux? How many value pays?"
That Nvicter is aware of the marketing potential of the fiasco, and only nvicter fanbois see a fiasco as a selling point, is the "feel the integrity" nonsense. See? A genuine Swiss Made Valjoux has integrity, and is worth paying a premium for. Unlike the shitty SW500. (Until they offer another wartch with the SW500, of course. Then it will also be a grail, albeit merely a double grail.
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Re: Valjoux 7750 v Sellita SW500 & Invicta

Post by TemerityB » December 13th 2015, 6:36am

Wasp wrote:One can not teach a monkey algebra.

A more succinct description of WIT/WG land has never been written.
WatchGeeks will go down in watch forum history as the worst watch related site that existed. Trolls, threats, bannings, and owners and sponsors talking out of their collective asses to fleece people out of hard earned money. - Koimaster
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Re: Valjoux 7750 v Sellita SW500 & Invicta

Post by abduksion » December 14th 2015, 10:02am

fatman wrote:Klenddy kLoddhoppers voice must be the sound of the dinner bell to some of those mooks. That's the only time they pull their heads out of the sand. HK shooter was the one who exposed the 7750 fraud and the very first TTV with an alleged 7750 in it he buys one. WTF?

I responded to him at Wit.
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Re: Valjoux 7750 v Sellita SW500 & Invicta

Post by koimaster » December 21st 2015, 4:54pm


Because this needs to be known. A so called "watch company" placed a SW500 movement is watches they claimed ad the More expensive and better quality Valjoux 7750.

Can you say Fuck Invicta and the scumbags that run it.


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Re: Valjoux 7750 v Sellita SW500 & Invicta

Post by conjurer » October 19th 2016, 5:41am

koimaster wrote:

Poor HK; assfucked by Eyal yet again:


TWR says the watch is dried out, needs serviced/lubed. All to the tune of $346.
Hell no.
In the drawer it goes. Maybe at some point in the future I'll feel like spending it. Today is not that day.
UNLESS, any of you fine folks know of someone trusted I can send it to for a second opinion.

Interestingly, I've been enjoying this hobby for some years now, and this is the first time I've ever heard of a relatively new (HK says his Nvicter is a year and a half old) movement being "dried out."

Then these words of wit-dumb from bearralph:

The same thing is happening with several of my 2824's. I guess automatics are not a sure fire way to avoid servicing costs.
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