Response from Dubois Depraz & Dubois threads

All things related to "SWISS" Invicta watches and Chinese movements
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Response from Dubois Depraz & Dubois threads

Post by koimaster » June 11th 2010, 1:16pm

Apparently the idiot from shopnbc with his "opinion" that is was the DD 2021 movement at fault based on his investigation with other companies was exactly what we called here.....BULLSHIT!

Invicta has NEVER been a client of Dubois Depraz as I was my opinion posted here earlier in this fiasco. It was the hands as some guessed. Now though the thought comes to mind about the deception regarding this watch. A big deal about the watch and the DD module was made and how hard it was to get anon. Again......BULLSHIT!..... Hundreds of thousands of DD modules have been made. I won watches with them including a Maurice Lacroix.

How long before someone has a "LOUD TALK" with Jim Skelton and fires his fucking ass off of cable tv. And will Eyal issue another apology for directly or indirectly pointing the finger at Dubois Depraz.

One more thought comes to mind though, where did these come from? Are they Asian fakes, are they replicas, are they rebuilt modules or grey market ones....Perhaps we should get out hands on one and take it apart and see if it s genuine one or if says...... china......or swiss parts. I am going to post a .pdf of these in a bit so people may down load them. Feel free to spread the word.......... Invicta has NEVER done business with Dubois Depraz.

One thing I do want to point out, I have preserved the shows and the posts in which comments by Eyal, Mongo Kid an Jim Skelton were made concerning this issue. If anyone wants to claim otherwise, bring it on. Those posts are on-line and the originals are tucked away for safe keeping.

Re: Dubois 2021 & Invicta fiasco
From: Christopher Becker
To:"[email protected]"
Cc:[email protected], [email protected]
Sent: Fri, Jun 11, 2010 02:17
Dear Alain,

Thank you for your e-mail. As a matter of fact, I received a call about this from someone inm New Jersey just last week.

We are currently investigating what has happened here, and can clearly state the following:

1) Invicta has never purchased a movement or module from Dubois-Depraz. We have had sporadic contact in the past, but to date no movement has ever been supplied to them.

2) The 2021 has been made by the hundreds of thousands, and "opinions" notwithstanding, we have never heard from any customer for this movement regarding the types of problems you have described. After hundreds of thousands, we think we would have by now if there were actually issues.

3) Since Invicta is not a customer of ours, we have no idea if the movements alluded to are in fact genuine DD modules or not. We have seen "duplicates" of our modules in the past (sadly, not bad ones, either), and if they are such, Invicta may very well not even be aware that they are, since they have never had the real thing to compare it to. If they are genuine, we do not know how many hands they passed through before they arrived at Invicta, and what treatment they were subject to.

4) We have contacted Invicta Watch and requested not only their reaction to your e-mail, but also 5-10 samples of cased watches with the modules to determine their origin (see 3) above) and initial sales point (both of which we can do). As you and your members are surely also aware, the casing procedure itself is very delicate and can de-regulate a chronometer-grade movement as well as cause damage to components, such as dials and hands, if done improperly.

5) Obviously, the President of Invicta has not had, nor would he have reason to have had, any "loud conversation" with Dubois-Depraz since he is not even a customer. I would be very surprised if he or anyone from his company publicly blamed DD for something of that nature as claimed; it is not his style as I have known him.

Any person making the types of claims you have mentioned in your e-mail should be advised to be very sure of their information, and the veracity of any information, before making pejorative public statements, especially on a national network.

You may feel free to post this response on your site, and we appreciate your keeping us informed of these events.

Kind regards,

Chris Becker
Business Development Manager--Americas
Dubois-Depraz SA

And a follow-up a bit later today, June 11, 2010

Dear Alain,

Just FYI: I have just received a response from Invicta, gracious as always, to the effect that the problem has already been solved--and it was an issue with the hands, not the movement.

Best regards,

Chris Becker

My original letter of inquiry.

-----Original Message-----
From: "[email protected]"
Sent: Jun 11, 2010 11:13 AM
To: [email protected], [email protected]
Subject: Dubois 2021 & Invicta fiasco

Dear Mr. Becker,

I am writing to you to inquire if you had seen or heard of the complaints by buyers of a new Invicta watch that has been touted as using the Dubois 2021 module. If not, all of the posts, unedited by my small forum of dedicated collectors are available for viewing.

It seems that the hands on the watches were mis-aligned and there were other related issues. The TV cable host of the site where these Invicta Speedway watches were sold made a big deal of the fault being that of Dubois. He went out of his way to state the owner of Invicta Watch Group would be having a "loud conversation" with Dubois Dupraz. He and the watch company have made it clear that the faults of the problems discussed are not the fault of Invicta and repeated opinions that the fault lay with your company. It was inferred by the afore-mentioned Host for Shopnbc, Jim Skelton that other unnamed watch companies had experienced similar problems with Dubois modules. As the owner of several watches with Dubois modules including a Maurice Lacroix, I would dispute that statement.

I am also asking if you could provide any information as to the back-story on this issue and perhaps how Invicta came to obtain this module. The vendor made a big show on how difficult it is to obtain them and to be approved by Dubois. Of course, this same company has been forced to admit that the watches it sells with the word Swiss at the 6 oclock position have Chinese movements in them.

Most of us are of the opinion that the modules or movements and modules were obtained from a third party other than Dubois and exported to the middle east. Our little forum, which has 80 core members of long time serious watch collectors has aproximatly 500 visitors a day. Not too bad for a forum which does no advertising, and limits membership to those approved by the members themselves.

If you do respond, I could if permited, post the response for people to view. We are small but our reach is very long.
Best regards,

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Re: Response from Dubois Depraz & Dubois threads

Post by Watch Noob » June 11th 2010, 1:38pm

Wow, just WOW. Nice work Alain. We all though that Invicta was full of shit as usual, but you took the time to verify and provide proof directly from the source that they are full of shit. I had a grin from ear to ear reading that response. My last post was stating that they probably did not even buy the modules from DD but from a third party, guess that was correct also. This is classic Invicta caught in yet another lie added to their long history of lying to their customers. Someone needs to post this over at Geekland and shove it up their ass. Image Image Image Image Image
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Post by anonymous-10 » June 11th 2010, 1:46pm

Good digging , Alain!!!


Oh Jiiiiiimmmmmmmmmm??????
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Post by anonymous-10 » June 11th 2010, 3:10pm

Hopefully enough WG members will catch wind of this here because it sure as hell won't last long if posted there!

Successful confidence operations are smart enough to move on after making a score.

Seems that EL and crew have overstayed there welcome in the watch-biz.

They should have known that eventually the snowball effect of one "misrepresentation" after another would bite them in the ass.

Surprisingly, I will miss them.
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Re: Response from Dubois Depraz & Dubois threads

Post by Mark1 » June 11th 2010, 3:27pm

The letter has reached WG's. Here's a link if anyone can see it. Someone may want to make it a PDF before it disappears.
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Post by anonymous-10 » June 11th 2010, 3:46pm

I think I see another mysterious JS injury on the horizon.

He may have to have his foot surgically removed from his mouth. Or maybe that's how he sprained his jaw in the first place.
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Re: Response from Dubois Depraz & Dubois threads

Post by BigCheez » June 11th 2010, 4:33pm

A VERY loyal WG (and purchaser of a defective DD Speedway) reopened the subject:

HowZ My Dog Doing? ...
Originally Posted by freedom727
I give Mr. Becker enough credit to contact members of his own company to get the right facts to respond to an email. His email was worded very definitively. Didn't sound like a man who doesn't know how to do his job.
Since I DO 'have a dog in this fight' (my $1000 DD Speedway shown below!), there DOES seem to be something NOT quite right here! I agree that Mr. Becker DOES sound like a person who knows how to do his job, so I, for one, DO believe that DID contact DD CH before sending out the e-mail.

Still, Jim's statement that, "He (Eyal Lalo) has had many conference calls with the folks at D-D and they are jointly looking into the issue." DEFINITELY CONTRADICTS what Mr. Becker says!

Frankly, I'd like whomever Mr. Lalo spoke to at DD CH to call Mr. Becker and explain the situation to him directly. If this does NOT occur and we do NOT hear back, then I have to assume that the movements were obtained were either "DEEP-GREY MARKET" or - OR! - REPLICA movements (GASP!!!!)

Frankly, I'm (almost) at the point where I'd like to send MY DD Speedway to Mr. Becker to have him inspect it directly. FWIW, I'd love to know what he and his other experts might have to say about what's inside my watch!
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Re: Response from Dubois Depraz & Dubois threads

Post by Ditchdoc » June 11th 2010, 4:54pm

I'm not able to see the thread over at geeks. Hopefully someone will have it posted shortly.

C'mon now we all know that there will initially be a backlash of pissed off customers but they will be quickly overcome by the invictaphilles with comments like " I don't care where they get them as long as they are able to offer us great values" or "who cares, they've identified the problem and are fixing it" the former most likely posted by Chief or one of the short list tools.

Somebody let me know how it goes.

Alain, if you know who they are, you should forward this to the members of the holding company that owns Invicta. Maybe they'll fire his sun kissed ass.

What a great Friday night! Way to go Alain! Image
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Re: Response from Dubois Depraz & Dubois threads

Post by Guest » June 11th 2010, 4:56pm

eddiea wrote:Great job Alain, just great job!!!!
I'm leaning towards fake Chinese (just a hunch) gray is my second choice.....tough call

Yea, sooner or later someone's gonna crack one of these things open then the shits really going to hit the fan. Are these still available @ SNBC? Might just have to order one, open it and snap a few picks, put it back together and return it. These days I have nothing but time on my hands........
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Re: Response from Dubois Depraz & Dubois threads

Post by LIES ALL LIES!!! » June 11th 2010, 4:58pm

DonBattles wrote:Is that a splash I hear? Must be all the rats abandoning the ship......

Most of the brighter ones are. The notorious diehards are still spinning away! How many lawsuits does it take? How many outright lies need to be exposed? How many people need to tell you of the shit quality before these diehards open their eyes?
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