Restoration of a Radioactive WW2 Watch

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Restoration of a Radioactive WW2 Watch

Post by koimaster » July 20th 2021, 3:03pm

This time I´m restoring an old military watch from the 2nd world war.
It´s a Helma with an AS 1130 movement (also known as "Wehrmachts-Uhrwerk").
Based on its engraving on the caseback it´s an official military service watch worn by the german armed forces (Wehrmacht) during the war.
The missing "H" (Heer / Army) after the serial number indicates that it could have been a watch of the german air-force.

The watch is in a really bad condition. The chrome-plating of the case is heavy damaged, the glass is scratched the movement is full of dirt and broken.

I need to get rid of the old chrome-plating, this time i´m using a sandblaster for the job. After sanding and polishing the case, it´s ready for a new chrome-plating. But i need to add a layer of nickel before.

I´m using the nickel and chrome electrolyte of @TifooTech
The products are available at:
(Note: The nickel electrolyte is only available to commercial customers)

The glass will be polished and the movement cleaned.
I also need to remove the old radium of the hands and re-lume them with super-luminova. I will add some coffee to it to make it more "vintage-looking".

After everything is cleaned, polished and re-plated, I can re-assemble the movement with some fresh oil. After that, this watch is in a good beat (+0 seconds per day) again.

I hope you liked this restoration, if so, like, comment and subscribe ;)

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