Soprod Alternance 10 (A10) Movement

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Soprod Alternance 10 (A10) Movement

Post by koimaster » June 13th 2021, 6:53pm

For several decades now, the Swatch Group has been supplying movements, ébauches and other components to the watch industry. It is estimated that the company’s ETA unit has been providing as much as 80 percent of the movements and its Nivarox division has been supplying a majority of the escapements as well components such as the balances and hairsprings.

As many in the WIS community are aware, these supply levels are scheduled to change. This is theresult of the recent decision of the Swiss Federal Administrative Court, which upheld the Swiss Commission for Competition (ComCo) decision to allow Swatch to limit the amount of movements and movement components that it sells to third parties. As a consequence of this action, this opens the door for the Swatch Group to beginlimiting sales to third parties starting in 2012.Swatch Chief Executive Nick Hayek commented to Dow Jones Newswire that "The decision to reduce supply would strengthen, not weaken the industry" andfurther commented “We do not want to be a supermarket, forced to deliver to everyone whatever they want. The supermarket era is coming to an end.”

ComCo has followed up the ruling with an investigation and obliged Swatch with interim measures to continue the supplies, but has Swatch to slightly reduce the quantities in order to maintain an effective competition at retail level. Under this agreement, Swatch can reduce the supply of movements to 85% and other components to 95% of 2010 levels, while the competition commission carries their investigation. According to Dow Jones, “Swiss Competition Authority deputy director Patrik Ducrey said the investigation was still ongoing, and would likely be concluded in the second half of 2012.”

This decision could be damaging for many smaller watch companies which don't have the same production capacity and might need to scramble for extra supplies. In addition, these smaller companies that don't have the resources to build capacity, so this may likely result in several ceasing production and, eventually, closing their doors forever. This is outcome is very possible, unless another Swiss movement company, such as Sellita or Soprod come to the market with supplies to fill the void left by Swatch.

At this point, I imagine you are thining “I thought that this was a thread about the Soprod Alternance 10 (A10)?”

Well, it is...

One of the players that may help rescue some of the smaller watch companies with an alternative to the ETA movements is Soprod SA. Like Sellita, Soprod is a supplier of alternate movements to the ETA models. In fact, the Soprod A10 has been designed as a direct replacement for ETA 2892.

The width dimensions of the A10 are the same between the 2892, 2824, and A-10, so the same hands and dials one used for ETA movements can also be used for the A-10, but the A-10 is 1 mm thicker than the 2824, so casing modifications may be necessary. It has a 42 hour power reserve and hacking seconds. It is not a copy of the ETA like the Sellita movements, but a ground up design.

This movement is not widely known or discussed in the WIS community, so I pulled this thread together to discuss the company as well as this highly regarded movement.

Company contact information:

Mechanical Division Addresss:

Soprod SA
Societe de Production
Rue des Ecureuils 1
CH 2722 Les Reussilles

Tel : (++41) 032 486 90 00
Fax : (++41) 032 486 90 90
Email: [email protected]

Sales management - [email protected]

Company Website:

Facebook Page:

Company Description from the Soprod SA website:

Providing the alternative to brands[/b]

Leader in the production of Swiss-made mechanical and quartz movements, Soprod is part of the industrial watchmaking group Festina Group Switzerland. Thanks to its vertically integrated structure, it controls and manufactures all components required for its entire production.

The mechanical division is located in the Jura, in the heart of a region ticking the rhythm of the watchmaking industry for centuries, whilst the quartz department is in the Canton of Valais, renowned for its technological excellence. Soprod is independent and guarantees at all times a high quality and regular supply to its customers, providing innovative and flexible solutions to fulfill all their requirements and wishes.

Alternance 10 (A10) Movement:

Soprod A10 Technical Specifications:

Diameter: 25.6mm
Height: 3.6mm
Date: Yes, Quickset
Jewels: 25
Power Reserve: 42 Hours
Frequency/Hr: 28,800
Hacking: Yes
Shock Absorber: Incabloc
Regulation: 4 Positions
Options: Big Date, Visible Balance, Skeleton and many others
Swiss Made
Watch companies that are currently using the A-10in some of their models include: Aegir, Ball, Stowa,Sarpaneva, Schofield Signalman,Orange Watchandseveral others.

Soprod Alternance 10 Movement Brochure: ... 0A10-2.pdf

Soprod A10 Technical Drawings: ... t%20SQ.pdf


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