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How to Clean Your Watch & Strap

Posted: October 4th 2020, 12:11am
by koimaster
With summer coming to a close and the fall just starting up, it’s almost certain that many of our watches are in need a good cleaning. Sand, sunscreen, bug spray, and sweat are among summer’s many gifts — all of which, combined with the growing dust from the autumn, might end up as debris on your timepiece.

Facing the end of the season and the start of the colder months, we at WatchTime spoke with a few watch and watch-strap cleaning experts, to help our readers keep their wristwear shining in a few easy steps at home. We spoke with Michael Ryan, Vice President of Watches of Switzerland for Wynn Resorts; Ruediger Albers, President of Wempe US; and Claire Humen, Technical Director and Production Manager for Jean Rousseau US, all of whom lead brands that have helped clean and service innumerable amounts of watches and watch straps. Collectively, let’s say they know a thing or two about how best to approach the task. ... p-at-home/