Valjoux 72

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Valjoux 72

Post by koimaster » June 7th 2020, 10:07am


Take away the “u” and you have “gilt by association”. That’s a way of describing the elevation to solid-gold status imparted by any connection with the leader in a particular field: the tyres on a winning F1 car, the guitar strings used by Slash… or the movement in the manual-wind Rolex Daytona Cosmographs.

With the recent million-dollar-plus sales of Daytona Paul Newmans and the now mythical Albino, the Valjoux 72 that powers them has been, metaphorically speaking, deified. Calibre-worship manifests itself in a number of ways, but the most obvious is the effect it has on the marketplace, especially for enthusiasts motivated by movement types rather than the watches which house them.

Yes, there are collectors for specific calibres, connoisseurs with a passion for, say, Patek Philippe’s Calibre 12, or the Lemanias that powered Omega Speedmasters and Patek’s ref. 1463s.

The Valjoux 72 — arguably the finest manual-wind chronograph ever — ranked highly among historical movements even before last year’s astronomical auction results. ... CvtqkovdI8
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Re: Valjoux 72

Post by MKTheVintageBloke » June 7th 2020, 11:13am

Oh, by Jove, not another fucking lunkhead referring to the Valjoux 72 as the „Daytona movement...” It’s like the author aims to make it into the Guinness Book of Records, for the largest quantity of cocks (of Donkeys and other fleecers) sucked at the same time.

As for it being the finest hand-winding chrono movement ever, that’s a load of bollocks. Exactly why would it be anyhow superior to the Lemania CH27 C12, Longines 13ZN, or others by the likes of Minerva, Angelus, Hanhart, Martel or Excelsior Park?
I see the wee tosser even went as far as deriding Landeron. Sure, the 48 is a wee bit drab, but apparently he’s too much of a lunkhead to have ever as much as heard of the Landeron 39 or the 52, Dubey & Schaldenbrand’s Index-Mobile built on a Landeron base...

Another lame twat who has no idea of what he’s writing about.
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Re: Valjoux 72

Post by gerdson » June 8th 2020, 12:51am

Exactly. "Arguably" is stronger then "arguable". I do agree 100% with MK here. It is a very fine movement. But to even try to place it on the top of the ranks, just because it was the one Rolex opted to use (because that is where all this hype is coming from in the end), is so idiotic and wrong, I am inclined to call it "fake news" in the sense of creating a false legend. In addition, all these Valjoux tend to behave like Elizabeth Taylor in her most eccentric period. And she was also damn good looking.
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