Why Watchmaking Matters Now

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Why Watchmaking Matters Now

Post by koimaster » April 12th 2020, 10:05pm

If you’re like me, you’ve been spending some time during the current pandemic-driven lockdown monitoring online watch publications, including Quill & Pad, as well as checking out your favorite timepiece-related posters on Instagram, Facebook, and other platforms.

And if so, you’ve likely seen at least a few comments in response to those posts that go something like this: “How in the world can you possibly be focused on something like watches at such a terrible time?”

Well, I’m here to tell you

https://quillandpad.com/2020/04/11/why- ... tters-now/


“Your heart was warm and happy

With the lilt of Irish laughter

Every day and in every way

Now forever and ever after."
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