A week in Sydney with Aldis Hodge

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A week in Sydney with Aldis Hodge

Post by koimaster » March 5th 2020, 5:32pm

long read: A week in Sydney with Aldis Hodge – Hollywood's only watchmaker Pt 1

Aldis Hodge and I are in an Uber, in Sydney. I am in the front seat. Aldis is in the back, with his sketch-book out, trying to work on a watch design that is due to his CAD engineer yesterday. The driver is driving. Very, very badly. He starts talking about his history with various drugs while making erratic lane changes. 10 grams of cannabis a week. Amphetamines. Cocaine, “that stuff is so good it’s evil!”

While he talks, he pumps on the accelerator, then takes his foot off altogether. The speed surges up and down, up and down. Nauseating waves. “But I’m clean now…” he says, before shouting “most of the time!” I glance back at Aldis with wide eyes. His sketch book is now back in his bag and he is looking at the ceiling. Please just get us to our destination alive. Please just get us to our destination alive. Please just get us to our destination alive. I really need to see the second series of City on a Hill. Aldis really needs to shoot it. My daughter has a birthday coming up. The AD just called and my root beer is waiting for me back home in Melbourne…

https://timeandtidewatches.com/aldis-ho ... aker-pt-1/

Part 2

So many questions, all orbiting around a central one; how the hell did Aldis Hodge get so deep into watches? It turns out it’s a hard one to properly answer; It starts with his mother, and one of those sayings mothers say: “‘I remember my mom jokingly saying that the mark of a good businessman was good shoes, a good suit and a good watch’”. I thought, I can get the shoes and a suit, but I can’t get the watch. My mentality for certain things, because money wasn’t always available, was that if I like it I would have to make it in order to get it. This is why I started designing my blueprints for my first house when I was 12. I was an Intern at an architecture firm from 13 to 15 years and then I went to a college eventually for that.

https://timeandtidewatches.com/long-rea ... aker-pt-2/


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