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Re: Incoming!

Post by jason_recliner » August 30th 2023, 3:31pm

smellody wrote:
August 30th 2023, 9:51am
Can't wait to see your new Rolex Explorer!

Bit too fancy for Underscore to take into the field.
Racer-X wrote:
August 30th 2023, 8:58am
Hamilton Khaki
Sorry, but I'm a devout ABH.
conjurer wrote:
August 30th 2023, 8:48am
Sayko Alpinest GODAM it.
Closest yet. It's a Japanese. It has a Ti monococque case for maximum geek-points round the camp fire (or watch forums) and a kevlar strap so I can deflect with my wrist stray bullets from hunters when I'm in the bush. It is, of course the iconic and legendary Citizen BN0118-55E:




(have to order the strap separately as I wanted the bracelet on this one)

Very few decent pics of this badboy online. It's a watch that's screaming out to be shot hanging from a dead branch in the desert, or resting on a piece of bark or rock. Naturally, I shall oblige :mrgreen:
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