MWC 100 - 1970s British Naval Diver

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MWC 100 - 1970s British Naval Diver

Post by koimaster » May 6th 2022, 10:40am

In the years after the conclusion of World War II the Royal Navy went through a series of changes and the number of active vessels was reduced.
in spite of the fresh memory of global conflict, regular conflicts between opposing ideologies were always proving world peace was difficult, if not impossible to achieve. The commitment of the United Kingdom to both NATO and United Nations roles meant Navy personnel and vessels have regularly been in action all over the world, in both peacekeeping and conventional roles.

The Clearance Diving Branch of the Royal Navy was officially raised in 1952, but had effectively been in constantly active operations since the end of the war.
WWII veterans continued to provide training for the new Branch, who's role included removing blockages of harbours, by exposive demolition, as well as the removal of thousands of tones of munitions and anti submarine/shipping mine fields.

Clearance Divers are highly trained professionals, they used to working calmly in what are frequently very difficult conditions, poor light, strong currents and the possibility of old explosives detonating without warning, do not make the tasks they undertake in any way easy.
Divers in these conditions have to have the best, most reliable equipment, and during this time one of the watches they would use for dive operations would be the Omega Seamaster ... aval-Diver


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