British Military's Choice for Decades

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British Military's Choice for Decades

Post by koimaster » June 18th 2021, 10:19am

Soldiers' issued gear regularly included a watch for much of the 20th century, and it was often as basic and utilitarian as possible. Chronographs, on the other hand, are complicated — but sometimes their integrated stopwatch functionality is what the military called for. With a simple, usually white dial and only a single pusher, one of the earliest such watches made specifically for military use was a bit different than what you might expect of a military chronograph: today, it's often known to collectors nondescriptly as a "military monopusher chronograph."

They were intended purely as tools, and could mostly be found on the wrists of air force and navy personnel of a couple countries over several decades. Though there were variations of this type of watch and it was produced by different companies, the basic design was that of a 38.5mm case with a spare, white dial and chronograph functions controlled only by a single pusher. ... h-history/


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