Marathon JSAR vs JDD

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Marathon JSAR vs JDD

Post by koimaster » June 6th 2021, 11:36am

My very first Marathon watch I bought was the JSAR (2nd generation) back in 2013, which has provided error-free services since. When I was on vacation last time I chose to bring along the JSAR. I chose it as my companion mainly because it is powered by a quartz movement it is the perfect grab and go watch. Now, you might think that it does not make sense because on vacation most would rather not care about time at all. Who cares about the time! For me personally, I would rather bring along a watch that I can just put on every morning and need not to adjust the date and time so that I can enjoy my travel. During the holiday I relied on the watch on many occasions and it performed splendidly. I even had it on my wrist when I was in the water. The JSAR gave me a stellar experience of telling me the accurate time the entire time.

The very example of the JSAR I own was produced back in 2010, which has a contract date on that year. The watch was bought pre-owned. While its overall condition was near mint, I realized that the battery of the movement would need replacement eventually. Finally, around the middle of last year in 2015, the battery finally gave in. The EOL (End of Life) kicked in and the watch ticked suddenly more rapidly than usual. Eventually the watch just stopped. The watch needed a good service, and it took me several months later to send it in for maintenance. I heard many great things about Jack from IWW, and without hesitation I sent in my JSAR to him. At the same time I also requested all the gaskets to be replaced and the watch to be pressure tested to ensure that it would retain its water resistance.

While the JSAR was gone for at least 2 weeks, I found the JSAR’s newer sibling, which was Marathon’s first mechanical SAR watch in jumbo size, known as the JDD (Jumbo Day Date). I was eyeing on the JDD way back in 2013, around the same time as I acquired the JSAR. Being a mechanical watch guy, I knew that I would add the JDD one day, and subsequently I found a pre-owned piece for a good price, and I bought it immediately.

I have been wearing the JDD since I acquired it, and I must say this watch is beyond amazing. It is definitely the favorite of mine at the moment. As a pre-owned watch, this sample has been through some rough times. The watch is at least 3 years old bearing a contract date in the year of 2012. The case has some minor scratches. All 4 lugs on the back of the watch are scratched up due to strap change. The bezel has some very hard-to-notice dings. The shallow engraving on the case back of the watch is starting to fade a bit somewhat. The accuracy of the watch has been a bit off. The watch tends to slow down at least 30 seconds (half a minute) overnight. When it is time for service in a couple of years I will for sure send it in for a movement overhaul and perhaps refurbishment of the case. ... d.2862778/


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