US-issued mil watches of the vietnam era included:

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US-issued mil watches of the vietnam era included:

Post by koimaster » October 21st 2020, 4:10pm

1. benrus, timex and westclox one-piece plastic-cased "disposable, non-maintainable" manual wind watches made to the 46374 specification for the Army
2. Hamilton 46374A one-piece steel cased manual wind Army issue
3. Benrus DTU2A/P one-piece steel cased hacking manual wind made to the 3818B specification Air Force Issue
4. Both Benrus and Hamilton GG-W-113 one-piece steel cased hacking manual wind Air Force Issue
5. Benrus Type 1 & 2 Automatic Divers made to the 50717 specification

the marathons and altus did not appear until the 80s.

1.The MIL-W-46374 were primarily intended for non-aviation personnel, Army, Marines, Brown Water Navy. I believe all of these (during that period) were purchased under Army contract.

2. The MIL-W-3818B, primarily aviation, some under Army contract, some under GSA contract.

3. The Hamilton Type 1, might be classed as exclusively aviation, and probably mostly USAF.

4. GG-W-113, anyone that need a watch accurate to at least 30 s/d, mostly this would be aviation, all were purchased under GSA contract.

5. MIL-W-50717, Type I, anyone in need of a dive watch, although most (all but the first batch) seem to have been bought under Navy contract.

6. MIL-W-50717, Type II, similar to above, but all of these were purchased under Army contract.

Some guy at face book posted what he claimed was an AF issued watch from the Vietnam era, a Type one which is a Hamilton. I think he got conned at ebay.
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