South African Air Force pilot's watch thread

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South African Air Force pilot's watch thread

Post by koimaster » May 8th 2020, 7:29pm

I find it quite difficult to believe that there is still no thread dedicated to these beautiful and rare watches (google-searching ΩF yields none). So, here it is. Show us your SAAF's.

I'll go first...with a bit of a story.

My story with these watches began when I was first made aware of the Lemania SAAF 5012 in the late 90's. During my travels as a young man, I rocked my gold-capped Omega Geneve (the uncle watch) and I happened to befriend a guy at the time who's father was issued one (thanks Geneve for initiating the conversation). It was unnecessary to see it to know I wanted one ... his description of this watch (and his father ... a bad-ass helicopter pilot...) made me know I had to have one...and then seeing it in his photos of his father sealed the lust : there is just something fantastic and unique about the aesthetic of this watch. 'One day' I told myself ...

Fast forward about 20 years to 2017 when I came into contact with an Omega collector who happened to have one of these rare and beautiful pieces. He also happened be a SAAF watch collector of many years (but finding it increasingly difficult to complete his collection) and had a few more SAAF watches too ... and he also happened to be a retired SAAF pilot. That is pretty darn 'out there' by my book. We ended up chatting regularly throughout the following year.

As it turns out, he still has his logbook... ... ead.95332/


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