SGS Watches

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SGS Watches

Post by koimaster » February 18th 2020, 10:49pm


SGS brand started in late 2016 when three young people couldn't understand why a watch with premium specifications costs four figures or more. We were passionate watch enthusiasts but the prices in the market didn't make any sense. Were the companies putting outrageous margins on their products? Are the watches so expensive to manufacture? Or was it about the profit? These questions led us to some answers but also to even more questions. Ultimately, we realized that majority of the costs arise not from the product itself but rather from various middlemen (distributors, retailers, logistics companies) and marketing (huge billboards, full page magazine ads, expensive photoshoots). When you think about it, these costs don't improve the end product - watch - in any way. And guess who covers all these costs? Yes, it's the buyer, it's YOU!..

Isn't there another way? Is it truly impossible to get a watch with premium specifications at an affordable price? What if we remove all the middlemen and all unnecessary marketing? These were the questions that didn't let us sleep at night. Step by step we were looking deeper into this matter. We've had numerous meetings with different factories, consulted with many experts and analyzed hundreds of watch brands. And the conclusion was undeniable: it's possible, just it takes effort and time. Now we were on the mission!

The final question was what about the aesthetics of the watch? How should it look like? Somehow that came naturally. All of us were always fascinated by the heroes who risked their lives to save the entire world during World War II. Especially pilots. We felt that if we created WW2 pilot watch inspired watch model that would our way to pay respect to those heroes. Name of the watch? That also came naturally - Eagle. And that's how SGS Eagle was born!

In April 2017 we've launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter platform. More than 400 people backed our project and became founders of SGS brand. That allowed our dream - a watch with truly premium specifications for a fraction of the price - come true. And you won't see us making huge sales or running large discount promotions. We don't have that markups on our watches. But the ability to make this watch as affordable as possible is much more important for us than chasing profit. That's in our motto: quality without compromise.


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Re: SGS Watches

Post by Mark1 » February 18th 2020, 11:58pm

I think SGS stands for Sucks Giant Schlong. Certainly we've all seen worse. Describing the NH35A, it's more pedestrian than premium.
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Post by anonymous-10 » February 19th 2020, 6:27am

FTF'.....................................................nope. Not even worth it.
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Re: SGS Watches

Post by TemerityB » February 19th 2020, 9:04am

SGS brand started in late 2016 when three young people couldn't understand why a watch with premium specifications costs four figures or more.

Biff, Johnny, and Stoner Pete were walking to community college one day, complaining about Omega prices and dreaming of a better, fairer world. Fuck the refugee crisis and homelessness, they mused - we need to check out parts bin prices on a Google search, stat!
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Re: SGS Watches

Post by 3Flushes » February 19th 2020, 10:02am

Not terrible looking and the price is right for a bin-en-stein IMHO.

I've certainly seen much worse peddled for much more, and though not really an enthusiasts' watch, someone looking for their first auto, or for a kid- they could certainly do worse.
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Re: SGS Watches

Post by bbattle » February 19th 2020, 11:17am

I don't like the looks of the case, lugs or hands.

I disagree with their interpretation of a pilot's watch; they should have put all the numbers on the dial, not just the even-stevens.

And their backstory could have been plagiarized from dozens of other kickstarters. They could have made their dials using natural Greek sandstone or something.

At least they didn't make up some BS about their choice of lume.
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Re: SGS Watches

Post by biglove » February 19th 2020, 12:15pm

Lovely $70 watches for only $240. Hell yeah!
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