Dodane Type 23 Review

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Dodane Type 23 Review

Post by koimaster » January 7th 2020, 9:13am

Dodane Type 23 Review

Despite being issued with a Seiko watch when I started flying training with the Royal Air Force, I mostly wore a Breitling Emergency for 16 years. I’d had a plane crash before and thought it might be ‘insurance’ if something went wrong again and the ground came up to meet me at speed. Luckily, I never needed to see if the Search And Rescue Beacon actually worked… It was a practical watch that did the job nicely.

The Dodane Type 23 that I shall be reviewing today is a true military watch, with a pedigree and background story to prove it. Back in the 1950s the French Military of Defence set of strict requirements for a watch that pilots could use that would stand the extreme conditions of a jet cockpit and could also be relied upon to be used as an accurate navigational tool. This is where Dodane made their name, becoming the official supplier to the French Air Force for aircraft cockpit clocks. The owner, the latest in the 150-year-old company is an ex-French Air Force pilot. He has used his own knowledge of the cockpit environment to craft a military-precision utility tool that is also a joy to look at and to use.



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Re: Dodane Type 23 Review

Post by conjurer » January 7th 2020, 9:24am

When I was young, there was a kid at school with the unfortunate name of Billy Dildodain. At first he was kinda cool, as he spoke with a slight French accent, and when one of the bullies decided to crack wise, he could kick 'em in the head like Billy Jack. Alas, as we got older, Billy's last name caught up with him, and to deal with the relentless teasing, he started jacking off.

And, I mean, a lot. Like, five or six times a day, and that was just in school. He got sent to the principal's office for playing pocket pool in Civics class. Then his family got deported, and the last I heard of him, he was running a media company in Alsace.
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