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Stoic World The Pilots Watch

Posted: September 16th 2019, 3:43pm
by koimaster
Stoic World The Pilots Watch

September 13, 2019 / Friends , Watches / 4 comments

We talked a few days ago about Kronhauser , the small watchmaking firm that brought us the Silver Opaline , we continued with the micromarks, announcing some that although they may be unknown to most, try to offer us something special.

This is the case of Stoic World , a Hong Kong company that drives its watches in a philosophical way. Not surprisingly Stoic is Stoic , that is, belonging to the philosophical school founded by Zeno de Citio in 301 a. C., more than 2000 years ago. To her they belonged among many others: Diogenes of Babylon , Cicero , Cato the Younger , Seneca and even Marco Aurelio . To review a little concepts, stoicismbasically he advocated mastering the passions and events that disturb us in life, developing our human capabilities: reason and courage; leading us therefore to happiness and wisdom.

A company Stoic World Ltd , followed Stoic watches , the watch division and really the only moment that exists within Stoic World. At the controls of both is its founder: Peter Speake-Marin , a prolific watchmaker who in 2000 founded the high watchmaking firm Speake-Marin , the watches that Pierce Brosnan wears . Among his notable curriculum is that he has collaborated with Christophe Claret , Harry Winston , Roger Dubuis and Maximilian Busser and Friends ( MB&F ).