Do Today's Pilots Really Use Pilots Watches?

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Do Today's Pilots Really Use Pilots Watches?

Post by koimaster » July 15th 2019, 8:16am

The Paris Air show is the world’s oldest and largest aeronautics trade convention. This year’s 54th edition hosted an estimated 3,450 journalists, 180,000 general visitors, and 142,000 professionals who inked over $140-billion worth of contracts, all in just five days.

I carried a roll full of pilots watches to the show in order to investigate the intersection of industrial design and the aeronautics industries, but after three scorched days of slipping through military-grade bureaucracies and, eventually, onto the planes I believed held my story, it became obvious that any substantive material relationship between planes and watches was largely long gone. However, now unbound by military specifications, watchmakers are free to create all sorts of compelling pilots watches that range from accurate recreations of historical references to dreamy luxury items.

Almost all modern pilots watches are meant for civilians. I asked over a dozen commercial and military pilots if they were issued watches, and every one of them politely smirked at what must have sounded like a naive question. When I posed this question to a US Air Force AH-64 Apache chopper pilot — an outgoing man in his 30s sporting full fatigues and polarized Oakley Blades who had logged over 2,000 hours of active duty flying in Afghanistan and Iraq — his response told me that I was bordering on disrespect. I might as well have asked him why he wasn’t wearing a shearling-lined bomber jacket and RayBan Aviators. Best not to romanticize these brave people and the life-and-death missions they carry out. ... a106DtjPjU


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Re: Do Today's Pilots Really Use Pilots Watches?

Post by codguy » August 18th 2019, 7:09am

bbattle wrote:
August 18th 2019, 5:07am
In the Navy, the only pilots are those guiding ships into port.
Typically they are not commissioned Navy but rather professional civilians that have the title Harbor Master.

They are specialized for each harbor they are employed for throughout the world.

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