A-13A Pilot’s Chrono Is Going Mechanical

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A-13A Pilot’s Chrono Is Going Mechanical

Post by koimaster » June 29th 2019, 11:03pm

There’s something rather refreshing about about the idea of a pilot watch that’s actually made by an engineer who flies. No sense here of gray meeting rooms, slick marketing departments who “reach out” (if you’re not one of the Four Tops, just don’t) or work in “swim lanes.” The new mechanical A-13A couldn’t be more removed from shizzle like this if it tried.

For example, ask Paolo Fanton, the engineer (not marketer) behind the new cog-powered A-13A prototype watch how much it’ll sell for and he’ll say he’s still working on the numbers. Not the sort of answer you get from your usual spreadsheet-jockey. He’s started this project not because of how many dollars he’ll make, but because he loves it.

We’ve had the prototype of the new A-13A on test for the last two weeks, been able to wear it, use it, and spend far too long swapping straps around on it. Paolo’s already flight-tested the watch and made several changes (including removing the crystal tint and switching to 316L stainless for the case) before it reached the UK outpost of Worn & Wound Towers.

https://wornandwound.com/first-look-the ... uTOOeNR3BU


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Re: A-13A Pilot’s Chrono Is Going Mechanical

Post by MKTheVintageBloke » June 30th 2019, 12:31pm

Doesn't blow, although a chrono module on a 2824/SW200 sounds a bit nonsensical. Well, the bottom line is that it could be thinner. It'd be far better if they'd have used the 2801 hand-cranker as base, or the 2892/SW300.
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Re: A-13A Pilot’s Chrono Is Going Mechanical

Post by 3Flushes » June 30th 2019, 2:01pm

foghorn wrote:Meh on the watch.
Double meh for the review. I should have stopped at "shizzle" but I went all the way to " a cats chance in hell"

WTF?? It's "a snowballs chance in hell" dumbphuck!


And it's GUT wrenching, HEART breaking.

Fairly novel chrono- I like the watch but not enough to buy it.
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