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Stock Number database for military "issued" watches

Posted: November 14th 2018, 11:08am
by koimaster
Originally posted by msa6712 » Tue Feb 07, 2012 6:31 pm @DWC

For those interested in military's a National Stock Number database for military "issued" watches:

Newer Diver's:

NSN 6645-99-274-4459 is for Traser P6504 Black Storm Pro (Quartz)
NSN 6645-99-426-0190 is for Precista PRS 17Q (Quartz)
NSN 6645-99-891-5085 is for Precista PRS 18Q (Quartz)
NSN 6645-20-001-9382 is for Marathon Tsar Diver (Quartz)
NSN 6645-99-219-3069 is for Citizen Aqualand Dive AL0004-03E (Quartz)
NSN 6645-99-280-3524 is for Suunto D3 Dive Computer (Quartz)
NSN 6645-01-356-5944 is for Casio G-Shock 5600 (Quartz)
NSN 6645-01-441-2762 is for Casio G-Shock 6900 (Quartz)

Older Diver's:

NSN 6645-99-799-5443 is for CWC SBS Diver (Quartz)
NSN 6645-99-737-3314 is for Cyma Diver (Quartz)
NSN 6645-99-757-3314 is for CWC Diver (Quartz) and old Precista “Small” Diver Quartz)
NSN 6645-99-767-3314 is for old Precista “Large” Diver (Quartz)


NSN 6645-01-544-9475 is for new Marathon Navigator Type III Date (Quartz)
NSN 6645-01-364-4042/D is for Marathon Navigator Type III Date (Quartz)
NSN 6645-01-364-4042 is for Marathon Navigator Type III (Quartz), Traser P6500 Type 6 (Quartz) and Stocker & Yale P650 Type 6 (Quartz)
NSN 6645-99-605-2637 is for CWC G10 2000 Navigator Date RAF (Quartz)


NSN 6645-99-133-5227 is for Nite MX-10 (Quartz)
NSN 6645-99-541-5317 is for CWC G10 W10 (Quartz)
NSN 6645-01-547-0300 is for Marathon GP Type 1 Date (Quartz)
NSN 6645-01-318-9833 is for Marathon GP Type 1 (Quartz)
NSN 6645-01-231-5540 is for Timex T83512 (Quartz)
NSN 6645-99-605-2627 is for Pulsar W10 (Quartz)

6645-01-544-0408 - Marathon C-SAR
6645-00-066-4279 - Marathon Type II, Class 4 (old Type 1)
6645-20-001-9382 - Marathon T-SAR
6645-21-558-0133 - Marathon G-SAR
6645-01-318-9833 - Marathon Type I, Class 1 (old Type 3)
6645-01-544-9475 - Marathon Type III, Class 1 (old Type 6) with date
6645-01-364-4042 - Marathon Type III, Class 1 (old Type 6)

The following are (also) available thru GSA by Part Number:

WW194001 - Marathon Type III, Class 1 (6645-01-364-4042)
WW194003 - Marathon Type II, Class 4 (old Type 1) (6645-00-066-4279)
WW194004 - Marathon Type I, Class 1 (old Type 3) (6645-01-318-9833)
WW194005 - Marathon G-SAR (6645-21-558-0133)
WW194007 - Marathon T-SAR (6645-20-001-9382)
WW194008 - Marathon Type II, Class 4 (old Type 1) with Maraglo
WW194009 - Marathon Type I, Class 1 (old Type 3) with Maraglo
WW194010 - Marathon Type III, Class 1 (old Type 6) with Maraglo
WW194013 - Marathon Type III, Class 1 (old Type 6) with date (6645-01-544-9475)
WW194015 - Marathon Type I, Class 1 (old Type 3) with date
WW194016 - Marathon Digital Navigator
WW194018 - Marathon J-SAR
PW210001 - Pocket Watch, Railroad
SS014006010 - Suunto X10M
SS014005010 - Suunto X10
SS013318010 - Suunto Core Light Green
SS014279010 - Suunto Core Light All Black Military
SS013316010 - Suunto Core Light Black
SS013319010 - Suunto Core Alu Brown
3006B - Sport Navigator Watch (Black Dial)
3006W - Sport Navigator Watch (White Dial)
3007B - Professional Navigator Watch (Black Dial)
2006W - Weems Navigator Watch (White Dial) (Limited)
2006B - Weems Navigator Watch (Black Dial) (Limited)
3005W - Classic Navigator Watch (White Dial)
3005B - Classic Navigator Watch (Black Dial)
Covert-OMP1700 - Wrist Watch, Media Player

Note: For stocking and ordering purposes, the dated Marathon Quartz Navigator NSN 6645-01-364-4042/D is not really different item from the non-dated version, as order forms only allow 13 digits, so the "D" get lost. If you want a date, use the above NSN, if you try to use NIIN 01-364-4042/D, you will probably get a non-dated version, they are more common.

Thanks for your additions, but actually I didn’t miss anything, since I intentionally left out two autos C-Sar & G-Sar (not so common at all), Marathon Type IIs, Smiths, Hamiltons, Benruses, Gallets, Seikos, ChronoSports, Beauchats etc…(which are all obsolute) and all those watches without the NSNs even though they are available via GSA. Cyma and old Precista divers are also pretty much obsolute nowadays. I just listed the most common issue mil watches currently, nothing else.

German armed forces’ wristwatches with the NSNs are stories of their own, IIRC Konrad Knirim has listed them all on his web-site. On the other hand they are relatively easy to list; divers are IWCs (Blancpain FFs and Benruses have been obsolute quite some time already and IWCs on their way being obsolute), “doppel”-chronos (flyback function) are Damaskos?, Tutimas, Heuer-Leonidas, Junghans, Orfinas, Hanharts, Arctos and navigation watches are “old” stuff too; Hamiltons, Gallets and Rolex Explorers.


NSN 6645-12-199-5070 is for IWC Amag Combat Divers (Quartz)
NSN 6645-12-199-5644 is for IWC Amag Combat Divers (Quartz)
NSN 6645-12-199-3503 is for IWC Extra Amag Mine Divers (Auto)
NSN 6645-12-199-5530 is for IWC Extra Amag Mine Divers (Auto)
NSN 6645-12-198-4733 is for IWC Amag Combat Divers (Auto)
NSN 6645-12-198-4854 is for IWC Amag Diver (Auto)
NSN 6645-12-197-8096 is for IWC Amag Diver (Auto)
NSN 6645-12-197-9681 is for IWC Amag Combat Divers (Auto)

Old Diver's:

NSN 6645-12-171-4162 is for Blancpain FF Rayville Diver (Auto)
NSN 6645-12-149-5012 is for Blancpain FF Diver (Auto)
NSN 6645-12-129-8664 is for Blancpain FF Combat Divers (Auto)
NSN 6645-00-225-1741 is for Benrus Type II Class A Diver (Auto)

Pilot’s chronos:

NSN 6645-12-xxx-xxxx??? is for Damasko chrono (Auto) not sure, if it has NSN yet
NSN 6645-12-194-8642 is for Tutima chrono (Auto) and Arctos chrono (Auto)
NSN 6645-12-182-1763 is for Orfina “Porsche Design” chrono (Auto)
NSN 6645-12-172-8030 is for Heuer Leonidas chrono (Quartz)
NSN 6645-12-148-2298 is for Heuer-Leonidas chrono (Auto)
NSN 6645-12-146-5081 is for Heuer-Leonidas chrono (Manual wind) and Sinn chrono (Manual wind)
NSN 6645-12-146-3774 / 6645-12-340 9456 is for Heuer-Leonidas chrono (Manual wind) and Sinn chrono (Manual wind)
NSN 6645-12-124-8591 is for Junghans chrono (Manual wind)
NSN 6645-12-120-9351 is for Junghans chrono (Manual wind)
NSN 6645-12-121-5208 is for Hanhart chrono (Manual wind)
NSN 6645-12-120-1509 is for Hanhart chrono (Manual wind)


NSN 6645-12-154-4531 is for Rolex Explorer (Auto)
NSN 6645-00-420-6363 is for Hamilton Type 1 Navigation (Manual wind)
NSN 6645-00-066-4279 is for Gallet GP/Navigation (Manual wind

Original thread is here at DWC ... 64&t=16770

Re: Stock Number database for military "issued" watches

Posted: August 18th 2019, 4:45am
by bbattle
My Elliot Brown Holton has a NATO stock number 6645-99-303-0677

To explain the system the NSN is a 13 digit number and is divided into 3 parts :

The first 4 digits are the NATO Supply Classification Code and relate the IoS to the group and class of similar Items of Supply

The next 2 digits indicate the NCB assigning the NSN.

The final 7 digits of a NSN are computer allocated and have no inherent significance other than to uniquely identify the IoS to which they are allocated. In practice, this means that no inference should be drawn by the logistician or other data user based on any apparent serial progression. These 7 digits are assigned to one IoS within the originating nation's codification database, they may be duplicated in the Total Item Record (TIR) of another NCS user nation. To enable user friendly reading of NSN data, it is common for a dash to be inserted at strategic points in the NSN e.g. (1005-13-123-4567), however, whenever a NSN is read in an Automatic Data Processing (ADP environment, the NSN will be represented in its true form, (i.e. 1005131234567) as a thirteen (13) digit string.

NATO/Country Code

For National Stock Numbers (NSNs), the 5th and 6th digits are a two position NATO/country code. For example: 1310-12-127-3749 denotes a German item; 1315-00-935-9212 denotes a U.S. item. The codes are as follows:


00 United States
01 United States
12 Germany
13 Belgium
14 France
15 Italy
17 Netherlands
18 South Africa
21 Canada
22 Denmark
23 Greece
24 Iceland
25 Norway
26 Portugal
27 Turkey
28 Luxembourg
29 Argentina
30 Japan
31 Israel
32 Singapore
66 Austrialia
98 New Zealand
99 United Kingdom

Keep in mind that not all military or police watches will have an NSN number but where they do the above will help to confirm accuracy of the numbers.

This site has a lot of info. on military watches and links to manufacturer's sites. ... mbers.html

If you want to search for NSN items: ... art-Number

I typed in the Rolex Explorer watch and it just had the Germans as entering the watch into the system and suppliers were still being qualified. For something like the G-Shock, it has lots of information.

And here's more information than you'd ever care to know about the Gallet GP/Navigation watch: ... 0-066-4279

stock number issued in 1963.

Time Measuring Instruments in general: ... /fsc/6645/