Military Watches of the World: Great Britain Part 2

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Military Watches of the World: Great Britain Part 2

Post by koimaster » June 5th 2018, 9:28am

Military Watches of the World: Great Britain Part 2—Post-WWII Through the Vietnam War Era

May 21, 2018
Words By Oren Hartov

In Part 2 of the British installment of our series, Military Watches of the World, we are going to examine the wristwatches issued to HM’s forces from the post-WWII period through the Vietnam War era.

Korean War Era

One of the most iconic of perhaps all issued military watches is the 6B/346, commonly referred to as the Mk. 11 and produced by Jaeger LeCoultre and International Watch Company. This spec was designed in the immediate aftermath of the War as a new, highly accurate navigation watch for issue to pilots by the MoD, and was in use from 1948 through 1981—quite a run for an issued timepiece.

These watches had stainless steel cases measuring 35-36 millimeters with long lugs and (generally) fixed strap bars, antimagnetic Faraday cages, and matte black iron dials. The dials have Arabic numerals from one to 12 (later, the 12 became a triangle) and minute markings in white, with the exception of the cardinal, lumed graduations at three, six, and nine. Movements were specified to be central-second, 12-ligne Swiss calibers with 36-hour power reserves and a daily rate variation of no more than +/- 4 seconds. Cases were expected to be waterproof to 20 feet and acrylic crystals were held together via a retaining screw to prevent detachment during decompression. Early versions featured radium lume, with later versions featuring tritium denoted with a circle “T” on the dial. ... m-war-era/


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Re: Military Watches of the World: Great Britain Part 2

Post by MKTheVintageBloke » June 5th 2018, 12:23pm

bobbee wrote:Rolex not good enough for US navy in 1958, but Enicar Seapearl is! ... vmbmM/view

Bet Smells is looking for pre-owned DeLorean time machines now, in order to go back to 1958 and give Mr. C.M. Prickett a walloping.
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