Rolex, Panerai and The Nazis

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Rolex, Panerai and The Nazis

Post by koimaster » March 3rd 2020, 7:03pm

While researching the lack of Panerai modders (as opposed to Rolex modders), I stumbled across an article by the improbably named Jose Pereztroika at Modified Panerai 3646 with Solid Lugs opened my eyes to an important chapter in the history of Panerai and Rolex. It starts with a confrontation between Italian watchmaker Giuseppe Panerai and Nazi Lieutenant Commander Heinz Schomburg . . .

All of a sudden, Giuseppe heard the loud noise of heavy trucks stopping in front of his house. Seconds later he spotted armed German soldiers storming into his courtyard and surrounding the building. Giuseppe’s worst nightmare had become reality! . . .

Four German soldiers immediately stormed into the building pushing the two employees aside, followed by Lieutenant Commander Heinz Schomburg. Giuseppe knew this man. ... e=emb_logo

Schomburg was in charge of the Kampfschwimmers, the German combat swimmer unit that was receiving practical training from Decima MAS members who remained loyal to the Axis. Giuseppe recalled several unpleasant encounters with Schomburg.

Schomburg came for the first time to Florence to collect a batch of underwater watches that had been ordered and paid for by Decima MAS. Giuseppe later received information that the whole lot had been distributed among the German unit. The Decima MAS had not received a single watch.

Three weeks later, Schomburg showed up again and requested 300 watches and dozens of compasses. ... 0tnL5mVFUg


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