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Panerai – Wristreview Goes To Neuchâtel

Posted: September 15th 2017, 12:15pm
by koimaster
I know what you’re thinking: “Isn’t Officine Panerai an Italian brand?” The answer is a simple yes, “but aren’t they also still based in Italy?” Which would once again be a straight up yes. But the watchmaking part, the important part, has very much made itself at home in Switzerland and has been based there for some time now. Why Switzerland? Well, I did in fact ask while we were going around and the response was quite simple and logical, there’s more expertise left alive in Switzerland than in Italy. Watchmaking, chocolate, tobacco, and medicines are pretty much Switzerland’s main industries if you discount all the highly secure banks that live there too. There’s also probably a little bit of stigma to the name as well, the fact that they can proudly claim their watches are Swiss Made, it has a better ring to it given all the dubious things Italy has made in the past, I’m looking to you, Maserati from the 70s.

Let’s do a little history of this company before we go straight in shall we? I promise it won’t take long, I don’t like history lectures any more than anyone else does. ... neuchatel/