In Conversation with Angelo Bonati

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In Conversation with Angelo Bonati

Post by koimaster » August 8th 2016, 2:35pm

Pan-ner-ai. The three syllables of the name have come to be synonymous with high Swiss watchmaking prowess, combined with unique Italian design aesthetics born out of the ultra-pragmatic roots of the brand as the supplier of luminous watches to the Italian Navy’s Gamma Commandos, intrepid frogmen that often plied their deadly trade at great depths and in the dark of the night. But Panerai is unique not just in its roots as a military secret but also in that from the moment it was ushered into the world of luxury watchmaking in 1997, it has been brilliantly helmed by just one man, Angelo Bonati. It was Revolution’s pleasure to meet with Bonati in Panerai’s birthplace, Florence, just one year shy of his 20th anniversary at the head of his brand, to discuss the launch of his new slim-profile Luminor Marina as well as his unique minute repeater, capable of striking both local and home time on demand. ... lo-bonati/


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