Maurice Lacroix Masterpiece Mystery And The Solar System

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Maurice Lacroix Masterpiece Mystery And The Solar System

Post by koimaster » September 9th 2014, 8:56am

I have written about the glowing moon and mused about the curtain of stars. I have covered the expanse of the galaxy and the majesty of the universe. It really helps a person to remember how small we are in this great big thing called existence.

But in all that talk I forgot to mention one of the most important and most relevant topics you could study in astronomy: our neighborhood.

I’m not talking about the neighborhood with that nice older lady down the road who has all the cats, or the one with the grumpy middle-aged man who is obsessed with his lawn.

No, I’m not talking about the neighborhood you grew up in before moving to a new town or even the one you are living in now.

What I am talking about is the other neighborhood that we are all residents of: our planetary neighborhood, otherwise known as the solar system. ... ar-system/


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Re: Maurice Lacroix Masterpiece Mystery And The Solar System

Post by foghorn » September 11th 2014, 5:33pm

Interesting concept and amazing technology.
But at the end of the day-MEH!!!

Just a silly gadget for the wealthy who have no idea that it's anything but an expensive watch.

It reeks of MB&F

Instead of wasting their talents on these expensive and over done watches you'd think at least one of these guys would show the Russians how to make a quick set date.
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