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Maurice Lacroix Pontos S Diver Watch Hands-On

Posted: January 15th 2013, 7:39am
by koimaster

The most impressive new Maurice Lacriox watch this year is easily the Pontos S Diver. I think Maurice Lacriox eventually dropped the "Diver" part of the name. Who knows why - I am still going to call it the "Diver." I first discussed the Pontos S when debuting it to the world here. Now with a hands-on look at the final versions I can once again say "I like it."

It is interesting to understand why I like the Pontos S. There is nothing extremely innovative or fancy about this diver. It is a very unremarkable watch on paper given all the other watches that have the exact same features. What it does have is a clever design which mixes "familiar" with "I haven't seen it done like that before." It has the right mixture of colors for flair, options for choice, and legibility for daily wear. It is normal enough to be welcome to most people, with just enough excitement to fend off boredom. Wow, that is so super Swiss.