Great deal at Amazon.

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Re: Great deal at Amazon.

Post by conjurer » May 20th 2018, 2:39pm

Interestingly, I got one of these (for free! Pretty soon I'll be neck deep in swag) from Timber Wolf Forest Products. I inserted it (well, hammered it) into my rectum after one of Alain's kickstarter postings, and I have to admit it did the job pretty well. Two meters in, most of my dreadful ennui was gone, and I felt like a new man. These are fine Cabriole table legs, and even though Timber Wolf Forest Products is a micro brand, these legs measured up to anything put out by Ethan Allen. Also, I was able to sell it a month later on TZ-UK for plenty of dough!!
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Re: Great deal at Amazon.

Post by Hawk » May 20th 2018, 3:58pm

Strangely enough "rubberwood" is a term used by a Chinese supplier to indicate exterior grade laminate. We haven't sold any of it as the call for exterior grade wood doors died when old W.D. Crooks pounded a sofa leg up his ass. But we tried it out and it works in exterior applications - though its viability as a suppository wasn't investigated.

That would suggest a table leg suitable for use in the shower which might be a big deal should lubrication (or privacy) become an issue.
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Re: Great deal at Amazon.

Post by Mark1 » May 20th 2018, 9:50pm

Google is your friend. Turns out my bar stools are made of rubberwood. If it's stout enough to keep my ass above the hardwood it should work for your intended purpose.
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Re: Great deal at Amazon.

Post by biglove » May 21st 2018, 8:04pm

Surprised only two Lords have left a review.
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