Do You Cricket in Bed?

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Do You Cricket in Bed?

Post by bbattle » December 13th 2022, 3:56pm

I had to read this just to see how one played Cricket in bed. Turns out they are talking about people that rub their legs just like crickets do.

Well, that's even more foreign to me than the game Cricket. I may thrash and roll all over the place, but I have never made cricket noises in bed. But on to the article:

"“It’s the repeated rubbing of one foot against the other,” says clinical psychologist Lauren Kerwin, PhD. Hence the name—crickets (the insect) rub their legs together to make a chirping sound. It’s a type of motor stereotype, which Dr. Kermin explains is a repetitive, rhythmic movement that doesn’t seem to have a specific purpose but is predictable in pattern.

Why we cricket

For myself, cricketing is second nature when I’m falling asleep. My feet and legs rub against each other, and in turn, the sensation calms my mind and body down—my anxiety tends to peak at night when I get into bed, and cricketing has helped a lot with that. In this way, cricketing can serve as an emotional regulator, according to clinical psychologist Sydelcis Mendez, MA, LMFT. “As a child or adult experiences heightened discomfort levels, offsetting their baselines, repetitive behaviors are a common response to reduce anxiety and or stress levels from the perceived threats,” she says.

However, it’s important to note that self-soothing behaviors (aka stimming) are different for everyone. For many, like myself, it’s a subconscious movement at bedtime. Alternatively, others find it useful and comforting to do throughout the day during other activities. "

Is there any harm in cricketing?
There is no harm in cricketing, as again, it’s a self-regulatory, comforting, and soothing response. But if it’s a new behavior, the experts here all agree to take note of its function. Are you cricketing in bed or during a tense moment during the day?

I guess one should stop before they grow hair on their hands.
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