What's the deal with Airline Peanuts?

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What's the deal with Airline Peanuts?

Post by jason_recliner » September 12th 2021, 3:16am

I mean, College Football (I think you have college basketball too?)? It's televised and you can bet on it? Is it amateur or professional sport? Do you guys watch it instead of major league? Or in addition to it? Do you watch it because the college you attended is playing?

We don't have an equivalent over here, the closest thing would be cricket, where sometimes we'll field a second team to give them some experience in First Class cricket.
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Re: What's the deal with Airline Peanuts?

Post by bbattle » September 12th 2021, 4:35am

College athletes are now able to get paid for their Name, Image, or Likeness so they can endorse products, services, etc. Before this year, the football players at least, got a small stipend and whatever under the table money the boosters could give them.

I like college football because of the action on the field, the rivalries, the traditions. When I went to the University of Alabama, game day was a HUGE deal for the entire campus and town. When the University of Nebraska has a game, their stadium is literally the third most populated area in the state of Nebraska.

The level of ability on college teams varies a lot while the pros are all very good. College play is a bit slower and there's a lot of different offensive and defensive schemes used; pros seem to be all the same. The Naval academy football team is well known for almost never passing the ball. Their players are at the academy first to become career officers, not to play football. Other schools have such terrible running backs they almost never run, just pass. Ohio State's offense put up huge numbers but their defense couldn't stop Oregon. Ohio State could pass all day but couldn't run and their defense was too predictable.

I used to watch professional sports but gradually lost interest as the players made everything about themselves and the television talking heads politicized everything.

Airlines stopped handing out peanuts because 1% of the population is allergic to them yet can't resist trying to eat them. Also, nobody could ever get the packet open without peanuts flying everywhere. I always bring my own food onboard a plane and order a cocktail before the plane leaves the ground.
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