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Post by koimaster » March 14th 2021, 1:14am

Dan Hunt, former professional BB player in Oz in the father of the two. Dan is a cousin of mine.

Australian forward Jesse Hunt hasn´t even been a professional player for one and a half years, but the guy has already seen a lot of the basketball world. His movement among clubs has been as rapid as it has witnessing how LaMelo Ball has arrived and struck the NBA this season with his passionate and inspiring play in Charlotte. The California native has experienced the exotic culture of Turkey, been back to his home land Australia, seen the beauty of Cyprus and currently dueling in one of the strongest leagues in Europe with the easyCredit BBL in Germany with Rasta Vechta. Just as quickly as he has jumped from country to country and club to club, he knows also just how rapidly the ride can end from one day to the next. Let´s rewind back to late July 2020. Jesse Hunt had signed in Australia with the Geraldton Buccaneers (WCC) to get in some extra competition for a summer league in Australia. At first glance, having the opportunity to do this wasn´t unnormal, but at second glance, you saw two Hunt names on the roster. Jesse and brother Liam Hunt were teammates as professionals the first time since doing it sparingly in high school at Sir Francis Drake. The reunion was short lived as it lasted only two games. In a game against Rockingham on August first, 2020 an opponent crashed into Liam´s knee on a transition play in which got dislocated and he injured his ACL, PCL and LCL. The chances for his brother Liam to continue his professional career were minimal. “ Liam had a terrible injury that could end his career. But he is the toughest person that I know, he is going to fight and give it everything he has to try and come back and play the game again. He has been amazing at putting this terrible injury into perspective and has been very positive. If he doesn’t get to play again, he loves being a teacher and a coach for the younger kids in Geraldton and he is already doing an amazing job at that. I am so proud of my brother in how tough and resilient he has been over these last 7 months since his leg injury. And if he does not get to play again, he is going to do amazing things with whatever he wants to do. That´s just the person he is”, stressed Jesse Hunt. But he also knows that it doesn´t take much to quickly end a career. He is very blessed that he can play the game he loves for a living, but also very mindful that his life could be changed as rapidly as Lebron James can fly through the zone and make the next crazy dunk. “His injury made me truly understand to never take this game for granted because it could be taken away in an instant. I try to bring a lot of energy and positivity every single day in practice and games because I love this sport and want to make the most of my career because you never know when it could end”, warned Jesse Hunt. It´s March 2021 and Jesse Hunt is trying to help his team Rasta Vechta escape the easyCredit BBL cellar, but at the same time always has that brother incident in his mind and takes nothing for granted in life. ... XCF1bzybxw


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