Crocs catch a fish.....

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Crocs catch a fish.....

Post by koimaster » February 15th 2021, 11:31pm

Authorities investigating the disappearance of a fisherman in Queensland, Australia, have found human remains inside a crocodile.

Andrew Heard, 69, set out to fish near Hinchinbrook Island on Thursday but didn't return, according to Queensland Police.
Investigators have since found human remains in the area and inside a 13.8-foot crocodile, police said Sunday.
The crocodile was caught and killed by the Queensland Department of Environment and Science (DES), which also killed a 10-foot crocodile as part of the investigation, the agency tweeted Monday. ... index.html


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Re: Crocs catch a fish.....

Post by bedlam » February 15th 2021, 11:53pm

Seems he hooked a really big one...and it didn't take kindly to him.
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