£17.7m rescue package For welsh sports

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£17.7m rescue package For welsh sports

Post by koimaster » January 24th 2021, 10:23pm

Most of the money will go to Welsh rugby with a £13.5m grant, with Welsh football receiving £1.5m.

The rest is divided between horseracing (£1.2m), cricket (£1m), ice hockey (£200,000), rugby league (£200,000) and netball (£100,000).

With no immediate signs of crowds returning, the grants are to provide immediate financial support for spectator sports to help them through until September, with the figures proportionate to the losses suffered by each sport in Wales.

The Welsh government says funding will ensure short-to-medium term survival of sports organisations and clubs financially impacted by the restrictions on spectators at sporting events.



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Re: £17.7m rescue package For welsh sports

Post by MKTheVintageBloke » January 25th 2021, 10:37am

conjurer wrote:
January 24th 2021, 11:31pm
Wow. Seventeen million pounds from the Welsh. Are the Welsh the ones who are famously tight with cash, or is it the Scots? And, the fuck is "netball"? It sounds perlatively ghey to me.
The Scots.

Netball is the game from which basketball evolved. Not that I care, in fact I had to ask Uncle Google, and I still don’t care.

I don’t care much about Wales, either. All I know about it is that it’s advised to always carry an umbrella there, in case you have to talk to the locals, assuming the locals aren’t busy fucking their sheep.
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