Legend diver in bronze

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Legend diver in bronze

Post by koimaster » November 25th 2020, 5:38pm

While the vintage inspired dive watch trend dominates the current diver market, in many ways the trend began in 2007 with the release of the original Longines Legend Diver. The Legend Diver has been a cornerstone of the brand’s lineup ever since, and despite its status as a potential spearhead for the entire retro diver movement Longines has never intersected the Legend Diver with the other popular modern dive watch trend of bronze case material. Longines’ latest release changes this, rendering the super compressor case in bronze with a rich new color palette. The Longines Legend Diver in bronze pairs this new warm case material with a charismatic desaturated, patinated look that emphasizes the design’s vintage feel.

https://www.ablogtowatch.com/longines-d ... in-bronze/


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Re: Legend diver in bronze

Post by MKTheVintageBloke » November 28th 2020, 3:34am

It’s a pity that the only current no-date LLD models are this and the PL-only LE in solid gold.

By the way, looks like over here, Longines will be doing another increase in prices, which will be the 4th one this year.
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Re: Legend diver in bronze

Post by TemerityB » November 28th 2020, 8:53pm

Slightly off topic: You can get 40 percent off Longines right now through Tourneau - selected models; there are NEW Legend Divers as low as $1,380, which is insane. I'm pretty sure the sale runs through Monday, and they do ship.

EDIT: They sold out the model I was looking at, no small surprise.

https://www.tourneau.com/savings/?conta ... 3489352046
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