Glycine discontinuing some models?...

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Glycine discontinuing some models?...

Post by Thunder1 » October 4th 2019, 4:36pm

Checked out the Glycine web site recently to look for expected new October releases..seems as if they are no longer advertising their 40mm Double Twelve Airman and 42mm 'Golden Eye" Combat Subs...not sure if that means that they are no longer in production or not..
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Re: Glycine discontinuing some models?...

Post by foghorn » October 4th 2019, 4:52pm

Probably. I know that most Incursores are gone as are the F-104,KMU 48 and Ningaloo Reef.

Invicta is probably doing a smart thing by focusing on the most popular lines like the Combat and Airman Series and even cutting some of those models. They still carry a good selection of both. Get 'm while they're hot.
Do they still have the 12 hour world timer, which was basically the same as the DT?

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