Glycine: Now Covered In Cheese

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Re: Glycine: Now Covered In Cheese

Post by Mark1 » March 1st 2017, 6:49pm

Not so bad really. I mean I know Eyal will drag Glycine down sooner rather than later. At the very least they used real airplanes with real rivets, unlike the recent Breitling ad. This Airman ad (the only one I watched) is a cheesy appeal to Patriotism but still pretty high brow in production values compared to what I expected them to produce. This may be a high water mark for Post Invicta Glycine (PIG), because I think we all know what direction they will go.
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Re: Glycine: Now Covered In Cheese

Post by tiktok » March 1st 2017, 7:35pm

Glycine, which as many of you know I had mysterious problems with prior to take over, was a brand with quiet dignity, like a poor man's Sinn or Damasko. Now they are an Xmas tree.

Looking closer at their new website, and I will make no comments on how poorly this reads:
The reinigorated AIRMAN stands for the latest evolution of the legendary pilot watch from 1953. Made...
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