The Rick Marei interview

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Re: The Rick Marei interview

Post by koimaster » March 29th 2022, 6:37am

svaglic wrote:
March 29th 2022, 5:56am
I wonder how long until my comment is deleted.
42 min ago

Ole Rick. This guy was a silent part owner of a watch forum. On his downhill slide from Doxa into Aquastar, he sold the watch forums member list to spam emailers. Then justified it by saying since he was the owner it was his right. Then he stopped the forum when we complained, just let BDWF fall into the wind. Others said they would keep it going, but he wouldn’t let them have the information to keep it going, he just let it die and wouldn’t give the backup info to anyone. He left the members with no forum and tons of spam email. What a guy.


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