Fawning over a Marei

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Fawning over a Marei

Post by koimaster » January 4th 2022, 10:58am

Rick Marei is a veritable legend of dive watches. Entering the watch industry in the late-'90s, Rick was the man behind the resurrection of Doxa and the one to drive them from strength to strength over the subsequent years. After bringing back Aquadive, Rick has relaunched Aquastar - the former companion of the Cousteau team during their most daring subaquatic experiments. In this podcast, we discuss his thoughts on Doxa, Aquastar, the new Aquastar Deepstar and how the internet came to rule the watch industry.


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Re: Fawning over a Marei

Post by svaglic » January 4th 2022, 5:42pm

I can’t prove it, but after he killed off BDWF, I started getting a lot of spam junk mail. I think he sold off the member list to get money to help finance his new watch brand. Other members said they got an influx of spam mail too. The guy is a zero in my eyes and his new watch designs look like a cheap cross between Invicta and Doxa.
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