Hamiltons Worth Two In Hand

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Hamiltons Worth Two In Hand

Post by koimaster » May 5th 2020, 1:52pm

Collecting watches is a peculiar hobby, as varied as it is arcane. While some collectors are generalists, with a broad range of brands and genres under their belt, others hew to a narrower interest—only the small-cased Supercompressor dive watches, for example, or only Lemania 5100-powered chronographs made before 1983. For Myron Erickson, a Michigan-based engineer and the man behind Rover Haven leather watch straps, the focus is very specific: 33mm, hand-wound Hamilton watches of a particular era and style. So similar are the 17 watches in this collection that he has given them the collective nickname "Confusing Fall Warblers" – and it’s a fitting one.

"I don’t generally like the word 'collector,' but in this case, I guess I am one since I almost never wear these watches," says Erickson. He took the whimsical name for his collection from a field guide to birds by the well-known naturalist, Roger Tory Peterson. The warblers in question, of which there are many (including the Ruby-Crowned Kinglet, the Northern Parula, and the Blackburnian) have such subtle differences in their drab autumnal markings that they could be, well, confusing to birders. Similarly, at first glance, the Hamiltons in Erickson’s collection look nearly identical when seen lying together. But it is when you look more closely that their "markings" set them apart.

https://www.hodinkee.com/articles/confu ... ches-found


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