A Hammy Added to the Herd..

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A Hammy Added to the Herd..

Post by Thunder1 » March 7th 2020, 3:26pm

Around 10 years or so ago, Hamilton began to provide the WIS public w/ a 42mm Khaki that featured a manual wind movement based upon the ETA 2801...production of this 42mm baby stopped some years ago..the brushed, SS case, is distinguished by it's coin edge bezel..I think it could have been offered w/ silver & cream colored dials in addition to the dark chocolate colored version that I've acquired..I know that a similar 42mm automatic version is out there, as well..the other notable differences of that offering(aside from the automatic 2824 based movement) is that it featured both a date window at the 3 o'clock position and an onion shaped crown..well, this baby came w/ a 21mm(measured at the lugs) leather 'bund' strap that I consider way too bulky, even if appropo for it's intended function...so, I replaced it w/ an alligator embossed leather flieger strap...

I can't say that I got it at a bargain price point($530.00), but it is w/o scratches or dents and seems to have been well taken care of(& I wanted one in a nice condition)..I know it should require servicing soon, though..the soft grey hands and indices are a nice compliment to it's chocolate colored dial face..I'm pretty sure it'll find a happy home along w/ the other 2 coin edge Hammys in my collection...here's a pic..happy hunting folks!!
Hamilton Khaki Pioneer Mechanical Anti-Magnetic(1).JPG
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Post by anonymous-10 » March 7th 2020, 3:32pm

Very nice.

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Re: A Hammy Added to the Herd..

Post by biglove » March 7th 2020, 7:10pm

Some great additions to your collection this last year, T.
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