Return of the Pulsar

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Re: Return of the Pulsar

Post by MAX » March 18th 2020, 11:32am

I had one of those and it seemed every time I needed to know what time it was (does anyone really know what time is?) I had something in my right hand or couldnt get to the button. Loved the watch though.
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Re: Return of the Pulsar

Post by MKTheVintageBloke » March 18th 2020, 2:12pm

I really like my "retro" Casio A168, but this just made me appreciate it more. North of 700 bucks for a fucking lump of steel without even the basic gimmicks? Oh, fuck off, Hamilton... Any retro-style G-Shock is far better value. Or a Casio A168.
At 200 bucks it would be decent value. Otherwise, no.

Oh, and fuck the Donkeys.
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