I Propose a House Band

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Re: I Propose a House Band

Post by Nuvolari » July 30th 2023, 7:40pm

Ah yes… as a young hoodlum my friends & I had a ‘band’.

Dear lord we were so so completely horrible, just the worst ever - in both timing and all actual musical notes - but we made up for it by being extra loud and terrible with a lot of distortion. I usually screamed our ridiculous lyrics in very a gruff we-don’t-give-a-damn way.

We played - and I can not stress this enough - SO OBJECTIVELY VERY BAD. Although, not to brag, but, we did get invited to *three* different parties in the course of our collective professional career(s) - and we never had to pay for any booze which we obviously did not drink out of respect for the law. The drinking one, not the noise one. I kid, obviously we had no respect for anything with ears.

After that third ‘event’, (not quite a ‘show’, more of an ‘incident’, really), I said I couldn’t do it anymore because it always took two to three days for me to get my voice back and it was starting to really piss off my parents when I’d come home and couldn’t talk the next day.

And that was that.

When we caught up about 20 years ago, my buddy, Brian, still had that Fender that tricked us all. He hadn’t formed any new bands since we broke up.

Probably because we were that good.
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