K-Pop and trot

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K-Pop and trot

Post by Hawkeye » May 27th 2022, 1:43pm

I am into kpop and trot(more of a adult contemporary)
Kpop is Korean pop the sounds remind me of 80s pop here, also doesn’t hurt to watch groups of 20+ hot women dancing in short skirts and singing. Trot is a lot it adult contemporary from 80s and 90s.
There are a lot of artists from the YS and Australia so some songs are in English. You tube super junior house party. And for trot Kim gun mo I’m sorry. To get a flavor of it.
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Re: K-Pop and trot

Post by Hawk » May 27th 2022, 3:52pm

The only thing I knew (or more accurately thought I knew) about Trot was that it was 100 years old and had something of a resurgence during the pandemic when Korean youth would deploy it in a non-ironic manner.

It appears to lend itself to grand binges of drinking and should make it another 100 years.
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