Citizen serial number decoder

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Citizen serial number decoder

Post by koimaster » October 20th 2021, 9:35am

The Citizen serial number decoder
Date a Citizen watch using the serial and movement
You can use this dating tool to find the manufacture date of any Citizen watch using the watch's serial number, Citizen movement code and various case markings. Citizen serial numbers are normally an 8 digit number but can be from 6 to 9 characters and modern Citizens may have a letter (O, N or D) in the second position, if the second digit is a zero check in case it is actually the letter O. This tool supports all 3 Citizen formats.

Citizen serial numbers only decode to give the last digit of the year and the month so I have made a list of ways to narrow down the decade and hopefully pinpoint the exact manufacture date. Select as many options as you can to get the best chance to narrow down the exact date. There are currently over 200 Citizen movements in the database and growing ... F1YTCxhbq0


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