My New Favourite Watch?

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My New Favourite Watch?

Post by jason_recliner » July 15th 2021, 5:34pm

This came out during my hiatus from watches and I'm in deep smit: The Citizen AQ 4020-54Y


Perfect in every way, utterly conservative except for the washi paper dial:


The text and indices floating above the dial and actually casting shadows is cool as fuck. I haven't wanted a watch this bad in a long time. It's borderline attainable - won't be my next watch but I hope to pick one up in the next couple of years.

Some more info: ... the-world/
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Re: My New Favourite Watch?

Post by 3Flushes » July 17th 2021, 1:02am

Could this be the best quartz watch in the world?
I wouldn't know about that, but it sure as hell is the coolest.

This may well be the first three hander I would buy. Given the funds, that is.

As a side-note, I'd always imagined that the zaratsu polishing process was developed in feudal Japan to polish samurai swords or some lofty shit like that . Learned from the write-up that the it was actually developed by the Swiss and is accomplished using a proprietary German grinder. Good read on the topic in the link.
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